Abraham Did Not Tithe
​Do you study as commanded?  Do you believe Abraham gave a tithe as taught? The command says to study by rightly dividing the word.  What if you are shown Abraham did not tithe, whom would you believe, Man or the Word?
Abraham Did not Tithe


    Abraham did not tithe, regardless of what all your Preachers, Pastors and Teachers may teach you. He did not know what tithe was, because God had not yet established it. When this event with Abraham and King Melchizedek took place his son Isaac had not yet even been born. Tithe was established by God through one of Abraham’s grandsons, Jacob, whose name was later changed to Israel some five hundred years later. Eph 4:11; Gen 14:20; Dt 12:6, 14:22-23; Lev 27:30
    The words tithe and tenth as they are used in the scriptures Gen 14:20 and Heb 7:2, 4 show you Abraham did not gave 100% of what he had, nor did he gave 50% of what he had, but only 10%. This 10% is called a tenth or a tithe. The scriptures clearly state he gave a tenth of all. When the two additional words, “of all or of everything” are used, it clearly shows they are not a tithe of God. A tithe of God, another meaning of the word tithe, is what they wish you to think Abraham give and hope to keep you confused so you too may do the same. You see, they are not rightly dividing the word “tithe”. Gen 14:20; Heb 7:2, 4; 2 Tim 2:15(KJV). 
    When you study the accounts of Abraham you see he was very obedient to God. He giving a tithe of God to a priest of the most High God would not have been an act of obedience. In those days God looked at obedience preferably over acts of sacrifice. God said His tithe was holy. When He instructed His people to give a tithe, He never instructed them to tithe from spoils of war. So! They teach you this with intent to further deceive, knowing all well, Abraham did not and could not have given a tithe in the manner they would have you to believe. Gen 12:1-5, 13:17, 14:20, 17:11-12, 2322:2-3; 1 Sam 15:22;Nu 18:28; Dt 12:6; Lev 27:30  
    Tithe/tenth “of all” and tithe of God were both tithe systems. Each of the systems were systems of provisions and both benefited those who received, but only the system established of God benefited both those who received and those who gave along with the widows, fatherless, and poor. The tithe of all could have left the giver with nothing, or zero, causing one to come to a point of lack. The tithe of God was established with specific intent to prevent that. It was never in God’s plan for His people to come to zero or to lack from a result of His request unless due to ones disobedience. Dt 11:17, 14:29, 15:11. 
    This book is not too much on tithe as it is about whether Abraham gave a tithe or not. You shall see for yourself, Abraham did not tithe.
The Lie

      The lie they have made you come to believe. They teach it to you over and over and you hear it and hear it. If you believe in anything, right or wrong, good or bad long enough, you will eventually come to believe it is so. Guess what? Faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing of the word, right or wrong. It doesn’t matter; all the good word taught mixed with just one or two non-words, will have the same consequence as one teaspoon of cyanide mixed in a bucket of water. Ro 10:17
     Jesus said the words He spoke are truth. So, if one, like your teacher, is speaking, but not speaking the true word, he is speaking “not-word” or non-word. If speaking non-word and the word is truth, then he is speaking non truth, or you can say un-truth, and another word for un-truth is lie. Jhn 14:6; 17:17
      Do you think the Preachers, Pastors and Teachers in the church you attend would lie to you? By that I mean to intentionally teach you something they actually know to be incorrect. Well! Someone once told me, “your Local Government lies to you, your Federal Government lies to you, big companies and businesses lie to you, why wouldn’t the church?” [1] After all, they are all after the same thing, more money.  
      In what way has your Preachers, Pastors and Teachers lied to you? They have lied to you in teaching about tithes and offerings. They tell you to pay one tenth of your income or any increase you may have received. They tell you Abraham gave a tithe and convince you it was related to the tithe God commanded the Israelites to give. Well! Have you really ever heard them teach about tithes and offering? Have they ever given you a scripture that shows you are to tithe? They take you to the scriptures of the Old Testament, the old generation. Do they show you the rules and instructions that go along with tithing for this generation, those who follow Christ? I know they take you to the guilt scripture, Mal 3:8, “---will a man rob God?---” But have you ever seen anywhere in the entire bible where it says tithe is a tenth of your income or money? God said His tithe is holy, do you know money is not holy? Dt 14:22, 23, 28; Lev 27:30.
      You are to believe the “Word of God”, the bible. If it is not written in the bible, where and how are they coming up with the things they teach? If you do not see it in the bible, why do you believe it? The question is not why they teach it; we know why, it is for more money in their buckets. But how have they been able to collectively corroborate with intent to deceive their patrons, the children of God? Jn 1:1; Ro 4:16
      They know you do not study, so they have no one to challenge their teaching. They even have the courage to say God wants you to tithe. Where do they get that from? Did God forget to command you to tithe like He commanded the Israelites? Did Jesus forget to teach you about tithing when He was on earth? Holy Spirit inspired Paul to teach about setting up a church and about giving, but why not about tithing? They do not give you scriptures and verses to go to when they teach on tithing that says bring your money to the storehouse, so it appears they make up their own statutes and commands. 2Tim 2:15 (KJV); 1 Cor 9,16; 2 Cor 4:1-4;8,9.
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